Our Team

TXBProject was founded by creative director and production designer
Juan Marrero.

Our team is a community of creative talents – creative directors, art directors, filmmakers, fashion designers, stage directors, advertising professionals – with a proven track record of success and working under the same goal: to create a unique experience for your brand.

Our team has an extensive global experience.

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Juan Marrero
Creative director – Production designer – Music video director

Juan has an extensive global experience in product presentation & experiential marketing campaigns, delivering event concepts and blurring the lines between advertising, content & interactive experiences.

Juan is a visual storyteller, in & out the screen – off&on stage. His videography is a moving art gallery that has won international awards and nominations within the music video industry. He’s been always obsessed with going overboard creating extravaganza spectacle.

Staying true to his sensibilities, his directing style, flexibility as well as his unique aptitude for directing performers led him to success, producing and directing music videos for international artists and record labels such as Sony, Music, EMI, Warner, BMG, Universal.

Jose It Spain
Art director –  Scenic designer

Jose understands art as a platform for the exchange of sensations. He seeks to influence audience behaviour through ideas, creativity and the use of media. His offbeat views about fashion brought him to create unique “ total looks “, one- of-a-kind costume collections; visual concepts that become alive on&off stage by our special performers, adding uniqueness to each journey or experiential event we designed.

His party concepts and live shows Laleche, Pervert, Red Light, and Jungle for Matinée @ Amnesia are famous in Europe and USA for his visual flamboyance and style.

Over the years he has become a cutting edge art director and scenic designer. Jose’s unique creations have been featured in world leading fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair (Italy), Vogue (Mexico & Brazil), Vision (Asia) and Cosmopolitan(U.S.A.).